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A Note from our Founder


Thank you so much for visiting our website! We are so happy you are here. 😊


I want to share my story and hope it will inspire you.


Growing up, my father was always telling me to find time to “smell the roses.”  It was good advice but years later, I was a super busy mother of two, working full time as a nurse – where could I find the time?  Our hectic modern lives are filled with stress and before you know it, years have passed.


But now I know that what seemed impossible is possible - finding precious time for yourself is actually necessary for health and happiness, and Mother Nature provides the key.  I always believed in the power of Nature to heal and even studied herbal medicine in the past, but truly only experienced it when I finally hit the wall.


A few years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident and had 4 subsequent spinal surgeries. This led to a host of issues like severe insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain. The only thing my doctors could do is prescribe medications with harmful side effects.  I had always been an active, energetic person until this happened.  It was the fortunate discovery of CBD that helped me get started on the road to recovery. 


Let me tell you, I was not a believer in cannabis, hemp or CBD in the beginning.  I grew up in a world where cannabis was highly illegal and I was definitely a skeptic.  Now, years later, I find that I am still amazed at the incredible benefits of this plant which helped me to get my life back. 


CBD and CBG tinctures help me to manage stress, anxiety and insomnia and our high potency topicals help with pain management.  Now I can get through my daily routines with confidence and live a happier, more productive life.  I found my way to “smell the roses” in spite of all these problems, and you can too! 


I formulated these high quality CBD products to help folks dealing with issues just like mine.  Our family run business is focused on providing you safe and effective CBD products at a fair price.  We make our products in small batches in our artisan lab so we can control the quality and ingredients in our products. 


In a world filled with toxic chemicals, I am passionate about creating truly natural skin care products made using only plant-based ingredients.  Over the past few years I have followed my dreams and received my diploma in Natural and Organic Skincare Formulation.   Natural skincare products can counter the effects of pollution and stress, effectively restore skin health and do not contain synthetic ingredients which negatively affect health.  We will launch a line of natural hemp based skincare products soon and I'm excited to share them with you.


I would like to inspire you to create your own self-care routine, follow your dreams and live your life to the fullest.  I invite you to join the Welliva family and we look forward to helping you meet your own wellness goals!


Our mission is to help you find relief from the stresses of modern life with support from Mother Nature.  At Welliva, we are passionate about creating the purest, most effective CBD products on the market to help maintain quality of life.  



We make our high quality CBD products in small batches in our artisan lab in Vermont, so that we can choose the best ingredients and maintain standards.  Please visit our shop to find the best product for your needs.


We are proud to say that our products are made with 100% plant based and natural ingredients, free from any synthetics and harmful chemicals. Our unique products are specially formulated to provide powerful support for skin, muscles and joints. Every ingredient we use is carefully chosen to provide the maximum benefit.  From our certified organic locally grown hemp to our collection of potent botanical extracts, quality is always a priority.


Honesty - At Welliva, our core principles have always been honesty and transparency. The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of low quality CBD products on the market as some seek to take advantage and make a quick buck. In fact, a recent government study of CBD oils found that the majority of the oils tested contained less CBD than was claimed on the label while some contained no CBD at all.


The high quality of our raw ingredients, our unique high potency plant based formulas, our clean manufacturing processes and extensive third party testing ensure that you are getting a quality product at a great price.

Quality - When trying to improve wellness, the last thing we need is to introduce more toxins and chemicals into our bodies. We are proud to say that our CBD hemp extracts are USDA Certified Organic and produced in an FDA registered, CGMP facility so you can be sure that it meets the highest standards for purity and manufacturing.
All our CBD products are made with USA grown hemp, processed using clean extraction methods, and are third party lab tested for safety, potency and purity. Our topicals are made using only natural ingredients and are free of any harmful chemicals like Parabens, Phthlates and Petroleum byproducts.

Passion - Our goal is to share the benefits of this extraordinary plant with you in the safest, most effective way possible. We understand the power of the hemp plant and what it can do to benefit wellness, as we have experienced it in our own lives.

As the industry evolves, we continue to grow and innovate. We remain on the forefront of cannabinoid research and in addition to CBD, we are now introducing products that harness the benefits of beneficial cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. Research into the potential therapeutic benefits of hemp has just begun and the untapped future potential of this incredible plant paints an exciting picture.

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