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At Welliva, we want to create positive change for ourselves and our customers. We also want to help build a better world for future generations. This is why we have pledged a portion of our profits to charitable causes.


For every product sold, Welliva will plant one tree by partnering with Vermont based non-profit One Tree Planted. By making this commitment, Welliva joins a growing list of companies that are making sustainability a priority.

One Tree Planted047.JPG

At a time when the earth is at a critical turning point, we all need to do everything we can to help counter the effects of climate change. One simple way that we can help preserve the earth for future generations is by planting more trees. Trees help keep the air clean, sequester carbon, provide habitat for animals, provide food security in impoverished areas and help prevent soil erosion.

Learn more about One Tree Planted and their amazing work here.

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