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CBD for tennis elbow (and other forms of tendonitis)

What is tendonitis?

Tendonitis (also tendinitis) is a chronic inflammation of tendons, which are a fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone. There are many different types of tendonitis including tennis elbow, which is when the tendons in the elbow become inflamed and painful. This condition is quite common and is not limited to tennis players.

What causes tendonitis?

Any type of repetitive motion can lead to tendonitis, and it can happen in any of the joints in the body. It can also be caused by sudden impact, bad posture, and poor ergonomics in the workplace. The most common types of tendonitis are in the joints that we use most, the elbow, shoulders and knees. The older you get, the easier it is to develop tendonitis as the tendons become less elastic and more injury prone.

How is treated?

If you have tendonitis, you are likely experiencing pain and tenderness in the elbow or other affected areas. Your range of motion may be limited by the stiffness and pain, and there may be visible swelling of the tendon. If the pain is severe, it is best to seek medical attention as the issue might be more serious than simple tendonitis.

Traditional treatment for tendonitis includes rest, using ice to help improve blood flow, and a short course of NSAIDs like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. If symptoms persist, corticosteroids may be prescribed and in extreme cases, surgical intervention may be necessary.

Where does CBD fit in?

Research shows that CBD has potent anti-inflammatory potential. Since tendonitis like tennis elbow is a chronic inflammatory condition, CBD is a good fit. When taken internally, CBD oil is reported to help reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body. When used topically, good quality CBD topicals can reduce pain and inflammation when applied directly to the affected area. Reducing inflammation and pain means a better quality of life and improved sleep, which can also help speed up the healing process.

How to choose a CBD product

There are a lot of options for CBD today. From feedback we have received, the best results come from using both a sublingual CBD oil, together with a high potency topical.

For maximum relief, choose a full spectrum CBD oil (taken orally) because it includes other cannabinoids and plant compounds that work together synergistically to provide what is known as the entourage effect. The only concern with full spectrum CBD is that there is a risk of a positive drug test, so be cautious if you need to pass regular drug screens.

When it comes to topicals, the most effective topicals are made with full spectrum CBD, have high potency and are formulated using natural ingredients. CBD Topicals need to be applied regularly to feel the benefits. Some joints (like the hip) are harder to reach with CBD topicals; for best results, apply a high potency topical every 30 minutes for the first few hours until you feel relief.

Welliva CBD products

At Welliva, we have formulated topicals that are effective and safe – our full spectrum salves and lotions are high potency and were designed specifically to help those who suffer from chronic pain conditions. We use them daily ourselves for all our various aches and pains and can tell you that they work amazingly well!

Most CBD topicals on the market today feel greasy and sit on top of the skin instead of allowing the CBD and other active ingredients to penetrate the skin. In contrast, Welliva topicals are formulated for quick absorption and minimal greasiness. Our unique CBD salves can also be easily dissolved in hot water to create a relaxing and pain relieving foot or full body bath.

Visit our SHOP to learn more about our innovative natural CBD products. Please contact us with any questions – we would love to hear from you!

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