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CBD for Workout Recovery

If you workout regularly or do sports of any kind, you have undoubtedly experienced some type of sports injury or at the very least, sore muscles. Working out is an important part of your daily routine, and it can be very frustrating to have to limit your workouts due to injury. When you are 16 years old, recovery is natural and happens a lot quicker! As you get older, the body needs a little more help to heal and many have found that CBD can provide that extra boost.

How can CBD help with your daily workouts?

For one, CBD is considered to be a potent anti-inflammatory. It can be taken orally as a tincture, capsule or gummy and when ingested, it provides systemic anti-inflammatory benefits. Anti-oxidants and other plant compounds in full spectrum CBD can help the cardiovascular system to function more efficiently, reducing stress and improving vascular function.

CBD topicals can also provide effective relief of aches and pains. Studies have shown CBD topicals to be effective for a number of complaints including arthritis, back pain, joint pain, tendonitis, sports injuries and sore muscles. It is important to choose a high potency full spectrum hemp topical. Welliva Extra Strength Salve is made with 2000mg+ full spectrum cannabinoids and is highly effective when used topically. It can be used as a massage oil substitute and can be easily dissolved in hot water to make a relieving foot bath or a relaxing soak in the bathtub.

While NSAIDs like Advil and Tylenol are safe when used sparingly, they have been known to cause health issues when taken in excess. In contrast, CBD has no known side effects and may provide additional benefits aside from reducing pain and inflammation. A study by the World Health Organization found CBD to be "well tolerated with a good safety profile." One thing to consider when taking CBD for the first time is potential drug interactions - it is recommended you consult a doctor before ingesting CBD if you are taking medications or are being treated for a serious illness.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is one of the most important systems in the human body and is responsible for regulating a number of different functions in the body including the immune system, memory, appetite, sleep patterns, mood and pain sensation. CBD interacts with and stimulates the ECS to help improve the performance of those functions. This can result in an improved state of balance and wellbeing which will translate into more energy and better quality workouts.

Sleep is absolutely crucial to optimal health. Lack of sleep has been shown to lead to an increased risk of illness and a reduced lifespan. When it comes to recovering for an intense workout, getting good quality sleep is a must because sleep is when your body has a chance to repair and rebuild. CBD is widely used as a sleep aid, as it promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety and relieves pain. Welliva Z Time Sleep tincture is enhanced with terpenes, Organic Valerian Root extract and Organic Chamomile extract to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed.

To learn more about Welliva high potency topicals and Certified Organic tinctures, please visit our SHOP. If you have any questions about CBD and hemp products, please reach out - we would love to hear from you!

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