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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Maybe you’ve heard of CBG, maybe it’s something completely new to you. Either way, this cannabinoid is making waves and appears to be here to stay.

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. CBG is sometimes called the “mother molecule” because the hemp plant first produces CBG, which is then transformed into other cannabinoids. Well known cannabinoids like CBD and Delta9-THC, as well “minor” cannabinoids like Cannabichromene (CBC) all start out as CBG. A chemical reaction in the plant then converts CBG into other cannabinoids.

Until just recently, CBG was extremely rare and expensive to produce in bulk. Very recent breakthroughs by hemp growers have resulted in new CBG dominant strains of hemp, meaning instead of turning CBG into other cannabinoids, these new strains continue to produce mostly CBG. In addition to CBG these new strains also produce small amounts of other cannabinoids, allowing for the production of potent, full-spectrum CBG dominant extract. A bonus for growers is that these new CBG strains produce even less THC than the popular CBD dominant strains, making THC limit compliance easy. This exciting development finally makes affordable CBG tinctures and topicals possible.

CBG Medical Research

While all kinds of exciting research into CBG (and cannabis in general) is only just getting started, this impressive non-intoxicating cannabinoid is already being tested by scientists for its potential to treat Glaucoma, Bacterial Infections, Inflammation, Cancer and much more. Bear in mind that research into cannabinoids is still in its early stages as hemp was only fully legalized in the USA by the 2018 Farm Bill.

While the initial results are promising, there is still much to learn about CBG, CBD and beyond. Beware of anyone that make claims about treating or curing serious diseases with CBD or CBG. While there is plenty of reason to be optimistic about the future potential of cannabinoids, the scientific community doesn’t know enough just yet to make any medical claims. Consult your doctor before using hemp products if you are pregnant, nursing or treating a serious health condition. Always introduce new supplements carefully and safely into your routine.

See links at the bottom of this article for more info on ongoing medical research.


Both CBG and CBD are non-intoxicating and not psychoactive, unlike their better known cousin Delta9-THC. Both CBD and CBG provide similar benefits like helping manage stress, regulating mood, and promoting mental and physical equilibrium. Yet research shows that they achieve these results differently, having to do with the way they interact with endocannabinoid receptors in the body.

CBD is by far the more popular of the two, but initial research suggests that CBG might have even stronger effects and higher therapeutic value than CBD. Using CBD and CBG together appears to create a therapeutic synergy (known as the entourage effect) where the effect of both cannabinoids together is stronger than just one by itself.

Based on our experience and feedback from customers, CBD only tinctures have more of a sedative effect than CBG. Some love to use CBG rich oil during the day and say that it helps them to feel relaxed yet focused. Others prefer to use CBD oil during the day for its stress and mood benefits. Some use CBG for medical reasons and find it gives them whole body relief from a variety of different conditions. When used topically, both CBG and CBD may provide relief from pain, inflammation and skin conditions. The only way to know for sure how CBG and CBD may help you is to try them for yourself.

How should I use CBG Tinctures?

With minimal regulation around the hemp industry at this time, there are too many low quality products on the market. Your best bet is to start with a quality hemp tincture from a reputable company that provides lab tests confirming potency and purity. Once you know you have a product that is free of solvents, pesticides and microbial contamination, you can start with small doses and work your way up until you find what works best for you. Hemp supplements like CBG and CBD tinctures are experienced differently by people depending on a number of factors like prior experience with hemp and cannabis, body weight and the condition to be treated.

Welliva CBG Products

At Welliva, we have found that CBG produces outstanding results in topicals as well as in tincture form. When we first tried CBG in our topicals we were really impressed with the relief provided. To share those benefits with our customers, all Welliva’s extra strength topicals now contain both CBG and CBD. We use only certified organic CBG extract in all our CBG products.

As always, our mission is to bring our customers safe, highly effective, all-natural products. All our products are extensively tested for purity and potency before they are released and lab results are available on our site.

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CBG medical research (CBG/CBD for Neuroinflammation) (Cannabinoid MRSA research) (CBG Huntington’s Disease Research) (CBG Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research)

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