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• Natural Support for Menopause Symptoms

   (Mood, Hot Flashes & Night Sweats)

• 1500mg Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

   (1000mg CBG + 500mg CBD)

• Natural Chocolate Mint Flavor

• Organic Oatstraw, Fennel and Evening Primrose Extracts

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Women's Health (1500mg)

$49.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
  • 1500mg CBG & CBD in Organic MCT Oil, with added Oatstraw, Fennel and Evening Primrose - Chocolate Mint Flavor.


    This wonderful cooling formula is specially formulated to provide natural support for menopause symptoms.


    Every Welliva product is third party tested to ensure purity and potency of the final product (see test results here).  

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